Saratoga Capital Partners targets value-add properties in markets with strong employment and population growth profiles. All investments are evaluated based on deal-specific opportunities to improve asset value.

General Investment Criteria

Asset Type

Class A, B, and C Multifamily, typical focus is on garden-style properties


Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Texas, Florida and the Las Vegas metro area

Transaction Size

Opportunistic Middle Market, typical capitalization ranges from $5MM to $45MM

Business Plan

Acquire existing assets with a path to income growth through any combination of the following key opportunities. Ideal acquisitions generate in-place cash flow with an ability to create additional net income.

Capital Improvement

Upgrade unit interiors, amenities, and curb appeal as well as cure deferred maintenance to increase rents and improve tenancy demographics

Underperforming Assets

Bring below-market rent and occupancy in line with market rates

Prior Ownership

Acquire properties with poorly capitalized ownership and/or poor existing management personnel and practices

Operational Improvements

Implement billing and expense efficiencies to increase net cash flow

Sub-Market Drivers

Benefit from organic rent growth based on property age, location, and visibility

Deal Structure

Utilize competitive financing structures to ensure property has access to capital for the life of the investment.

Deal Sourcing

Actively pursue broker-marketed opportunities as well as direct asset purchases. Review each opportunity up front to ensure reliable bidding and timely responses.

Closing Process

Saratoga has built a strong reputation among sellers and brokers for reliable and smooth closings. This is demonstrated by numerous transactions with the same brokers and purchases from repeat sellers.